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Lunches in St Andrews RC Primary School



At lunchtime, St Andrew’s pupils can:

• Stay in school for a school meal

• Stay in school with a packed lunch

• Return home for lunch 


School Meals

The days of boiled cabbage for school dinners are thankfully a thing of the past and a varied menu of tasty and nutritious school meals are provided in St Andrew’s by Tayside Contracts catering. Menus are rotated on a three weekly basis with the entire menu changing twice a year in line with seasonal produce. The winter menu runs for winter and spring terms and the summer menu runs in summer and autumn terms. Menus are sent home each time they are changed and the current menus can also be viewed online.

All pupils have a set meal with a choice of main course. Each morning, at initial registration, pupils choose from a selection of main courses.  A choice of pudding and drink is also available and starters are also available on certain days. 

If your child will be staying every day for a school lunch, please try to pay the weekly amount on a Monday morning. This ensures registration and administration tasks are completed promptly and our teachers can begin their core business of learning and teaching as soon as possible.  The present cost of a school meal is £2.00. 

Free School Meals

Free School Meals are available to pupils whose parents have an annual income of less than £6,420 or are in receipt of various benefits. Full details of the criteria for eligibility and applications forms are available from the Dundee City Council.

Packed Lunches

Tables will be available in the dining hall for those who bring a packed lunch.  For safety purposes, all drinks should be carried in plastic/unbreakable containers. 

As with all other times during the school day, a high standard of behaviour is expected in the dining hall, to ensure the safety of all pupils.  Should a child’s behaviour give cause for concern during this time parents will be notified so that alternative arrangements for his/her supervision may be made.

Home Dinners

Children who wish to go to a parent or relative’s home for lunch should be met, if possible, when the lunchtime bell rings at 12.15 pm and should return in time for the afternoon session at 1.15 pm.


We do not allow pupils to leave school during the day without permission as we cannot ensure their safety. We therefore do not allow children to go to the nearby shops for lunch as there are two very busy roads to cross and we feel that this may compromise their safety. We advise parents not to allow their children to go to the shops for lunch.   If you do decide to allow your child to go then we can only allow this if written permission is received in advance.   

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